Amisource has been providing medical transcription services for over a decade.

Our trained, skilled and experienced transcriptionists are capable of transcribing even the most complex dictations containing clinical and pharmacological terms that are used by a variety of physicians.

The gathering of audio files generated digitally during the dictation are transferred every evening via the Internet to our secure servers. Our transcriptionists complete the transcription work overnight and the completed documents are available for download next morning. With competitive per line rates and with sharp turnaround times, our transcription services are a vital part of a physicians toolkit. Using our services increases physicians productivity manifold times, thus increasing revenues for the physician.

Our transcription services are reliable, secure and accurate and provide physicians with the assurance that they can do their clinical work, without having to worry about the documentation.  With the increasing advent of EMR’s, we have developed the ability to transcribe directly into an EMR, providing physicians with even greater flexibility.

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