Medical Billing

Medical Billing


Amisource has been providing medical billing services to doctors practices in the United States since 2003.

We provide end-to-end revenue cycle management that will increase the revenues for doctors practices as well as reduce write-offs and accounts receivable.

Our clients are spread all over the US, including the West Coast, the Midwest, as well as the Northeast. Specialties include internal medicine, family practice, wound care, gastroenterology and pain medicine. Our clients generally have between two to five providers.

Our team of specialists include experts who have over 15 years of work experience in this field. The dedicated team works round-the-clock in order to ensure that claims are filed within a few hours of providing service. Our process uses mainly electronic data transmission and is generally paper free. Data is stored in the most secure manner in order to protect patient confidentiality and to comply with HIPAA regulations.

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