Back Office Support

Back Office Support

Amisource provides a variety of services that allow companies to manage their back-office work effectively. Using our outsourced back-office services helps manage costs, increase efficiency, increase productivity and improve client or customer satisfaction.

Data Entry Management

We provide an entire team of skilled data entry specialists who can help maintain large groups of data in real-time. The teams are capable of reviewing data, carrying out quality control and entering the data subject to pre-established procedures. They have the ability to manage text, images, processed with Photoshop, and other types of data. Our supervisors have many years of experience in managing large teams of data entry, agents and our network of computers and servers can provide reliable upload and download for our clients.

Call Centers

Both inbound as well as outbound call center services are available. Our agents currently do contracted inbound call-center work for telecom companies (cell phone operators) as well as for globally recognizable airlines. The outbound call center has done work for financial institutions, including for mortgage sales in North America.